Bon Iver - Holocene (by bertenhenk)


Portrat 1485 (by PKMousie)

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someone go buy me a rat i miss my little horatio :/

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Lazy Dakota :)


“Help with homework”

Test roll for Canonet QL17 G-III. Ilford HP5 @ 400ASA in D-76 at stock strength. Canon 8800F at 2400dpi, approx. 50% crop.

Anonymous said: do you have other blogs?

I have my main blog: encephalomyelitis

Anonymous said: How do hairless rats like to be pet?

I’ve never had a hairless rat, but they probably like to be pet like any other rat. Cuddles are always a good thing! :)

Anonymous said: Have you considered turning post replies on?

Not really. If people want to add something they can reblog the picture. :p


My super cute rat named Nixon. 

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